the Apple iPad – first info (courtesy of

  • iWork looks like a new suite – lots and lots of capabilities
  • iBooks is a great eBook reader and a great online bookstore all in one app – uses the ePub format
  • Apple partners with Pengiun, HarperCollins, Simon & Schuster, Macmillan, and Hatchette Book Group
  • App Demo: One of our favs, At Bat: Live fullscreengame video
  • App Demo: EA’s Travis Boatman: “Need For Speed Shift” game: “Building for the iPad is a little bit like holding a HDTV screen a few inches from your face.”
  • App Demo: Brushes,
  • Tap to zoom, pinch to resize, etc.
  • Video inside NY Times stories plays
  • App Demo: The New York Times
  • App Demo: Gameloft shows FPS “Nova”
  • Green Cred: iPads are arsenic-free, BFR-free,Mercury-free, PVC-free system, Highly Recyclable
  • iPads have built-in App Store, of course. iPad apps willbe “front and center.”
  • SDK includes “iPad simulator” for devs to run the iPad apps on Mac
  • New iPhone SDK supportsiPad development; available for download today
  • Runs all iPhone apps unmodified; can also “pixel double” to run all apps full screen
  • Battery life: 10 hours VIDEO with over a month standby
  • Accelerometer & Compass
  • Speaker, Mic, 30-pin Dock Connector
  • WiFi 802.11n
  • Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR
  • 16 – 64GB Flash storage
  • Jobs: “It’s powered by our own silicon. The 1GHz Apple A4 chip. It screams.”
  • 1/2-inch thin, 1.5 pounds
  • Movies demo -they look great
  • 9.7-inch IPS display with capacitive Multi-Touch™
  • On screen keyboard
  • Photo
  • Email
  • Movies and TV shows
  • Slide to unlock – like iPhone
  • Google Maps
  • iTunes Store built right in. YouTube in HD.
  • Very thin. Best web browser you’ve ever had.
  • “We think we have something better… And we call it the iPad.”

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