the Flash Drive Aggregator, teams your unused thumb drives into one large disk

Are you steadily filling up a drawerful of “no more use for” small USB flash drives, most of them without a chance to see the lightof day ever again?

Don’t you wish you could make a large more useful drive out of them, at low cost?

Say hello to the “Flash Drive Aggregator“. The “Drobo” of flash drives.

A USB hub where you can stick upto 49 ordinary flash drives of varying capacities into, and get a large, redundant, reliable, USB 3.0 drive out of.

It can take flash drives with capacities from 32MB to 320GB and present a single disk of upto 15TB in size! It’s USB 3.0 compliant too!

Any fault of  upto 10% of the capacity through thumb drive failure or accidental removal, has no impact on data loss or data transfer speed.  You then simply replenish the

All this is achieved through smart minutirized and patented circuitry that lives onboard the Aggregator base unit where you plug the flash drives.

The device costs $30.

An alternative “portable” model, which looks like a portable usb drive, can host upto 12 flash drives for capacities upto 300GB.

This model also sells for $30.

Sorry everyone, this device does not exist yet, I have to get enough market interest in order to get the funding to manufacture it.

So, if you like the idea and think you would spend this kind of money for it, please drop me a line, in the commends, or in Twitter.

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